In Odessa, the prosecutor threw himself out of the window

The senior prosecutor of the Malinovsky district of Odessa on Saturday morning fell out of the window of a high-rise building and died.

This was reported in the public relations department of the Odessa regional police department.

“About 5 a.m., the police department on duty received a complaint from residents of the house 33-B on Shevchenko Avenue that the residents of the nearby apartment started an argument and shouted to prevent them from resting,” said the head of the OSO Vladimir Shablienko.

When the patrol crew drove up to the house, the police received the following message: a man fell from the 8th floor of the building.

“When examining the body of the deceased, the police found documents that testified that under unknown circumstances the senior prosecutor of the Malinovsky district of Odessa was killed. An investigative and operational police team arrived at the scene, which establishes the causes and circumstances of the death of the prosecutor’s office officer,” Colonel Shablienko concluded.

It is worth noting that the lawyer of the 3rd class Sergei Melnichuk was appointed to the post of prosecutor of the prosecutor’s office of the Malinovsky district of Odessa on June 8, 2012.






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