Kabaeva gave birth to her third child from Putin

The Swiss media write that Russian President Vladimir Putin could not appear in public for several days due to the fact that he allegedly had a child.

According to the Blick tabloid, local residents of the canton of Ticino reported that a famous Russian gymnast, former deputy of the State Duma of Russia Alina Kabaeva came to the clinic of St. rumors).

Earlier, the media have repeatedly reported that Kabaeva already has two children and now Kabaeva has given birth to a third child. These data remained unconfirmed, and the 31-year-old athlete herself denied such reports.

The publication notes that the clinic of St. Anne is known for its gynecological department, many rich Russian women allegedly came here for treatment and give birth, and this medical institution distributes its advertising and information materials, including in Russian.
European publications on the birth of Kabaeva’s third child

“Half of the canton is already talking about this: Putin’s friend Alina Kabaeva a few days ago registered at the St. Anne’s Clinic in the city of Sorengo to give birth to a baby,” writes Blick, pointing out that Kabaeva has also not shown up at work since March 6.

Local edition of Cathon Ticino Ticinonews writes with reference to its sources that Kabaeva’s third child has already been born. It is reported that while Kabaeva was in the clinic, Putin was visiting friends.

“Well-informed sources report that Vladimir Putin and his girlfriend came to Ticino last week, but not to visit, but just before the birth of a child. The woman stayed in the clinic while Putin was a guest with friends. Both were also spotted in Lugano, among others. The couple’s third child was born at St. Anne’s Hospital in Sorengo,” the newspaper writes.

At the same time, the article notes that “it is not possible to obtain confirmation from the clinic, which has not confirmed or denied this news for understandable reasons of confidentiality.”

“But the large flow of Russian cars seen last week in Sorengo, combined with the mysterious disappearance of the president for almost ten days and his friendship with a gynecologist who works at St. Anne’s Hospital, confirm the thesis of the birth of a child,” the newspaper notes, stressing that the sex of the newborn baby is unknown.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera writes that Kabaeva gave birth to a girl, but does not link this event with Putin’s disappearance.

“This is a joyous event (birth of a child – Ed.) happened at least a couple of weeks ago, and, above all, is not connected in any way with the “suspicious” disappearance from the public scene of Putin. The Russian president was not in Ticino,” the article reads.

According to information received from Ticino RSI television, the couple had to book two rooms at the clinic. One for the newborn, the other for the family and the guards. At the beginning of the week the rooms were occupied for a few days, now they are free.

Recall that the relationship between Putin and Kabaeva was written by the Western press Of The New York Post and Paris Match. “Moscow Correspondent” also wrote about the secret wedding of Putin and Kabaeva, after which the publication closed.

In 2013, Kabaeva said in an interview with Big Sports magazine that she had no children.

The French edition of ELLE France reported that in 2008 Kabayeva gave birth to a son, without naming his father.” And in 2012, the former gymnast flew to the U.S. to give birth there in one of the clinics of the second child – a girl. Again, the Olympic champion refused to reveal her father’s name.






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